This is the full listing of fanfiction I've written over the years. All are currently hosted at Pairings/primary characters are listed in parentheses next to each title.

Kill la Kill
Sonata in the Slums (Ryuko & Nonon)

Log Horizon 
The Flames of a Swordsmith's Heart (Tatara & Akatsuki)

Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl
Capture the Heart (Dawn & Pokemon Hunter J)

Ranma 1/2
A Midsummer Night's Beauty, Part I (Ranma & Shampoo)

Ranma 1/2 & .Hack//G.U.
The Call of The World (Ranma & Alkaid)

Tenchi Muyo!
What Happens in Outer Space, Stays in Outer Space (Ryoko & Kiyone)

Yuru Yuri
Summertime Tomatoes (Ayano & Kyouko)