The Flames of a Swordsmith's Heart

The Flames of a Swordsmith's Heart

Log Horizon

Tatara was always the reserved sort. She never expected company outside of the Amenoma shop, nor did she particularly want it. On the first night of the new year, however, all that would change.

This story takes place a day after the Akihabara Raid in Season 2, Episode 8 of the Log Horizon anime. Future episodes may contradict some of the circumstances surrounding this story, in which case you can just consider this as something that deviates from the main plot a bit. I have a certain fondness for smiths, so I really wanted to do something for Tatara. Hopefully she gets some love from others, too.

Chapter 1: The Flames of a Swordsmith's Heart - Added: December 5, 2014

Latest: Chapter 1 added on December 5, 2014.
Status: Complete.

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