Monday, December 2, 2019

December Update

My boy Okumura, finally first string and ready to catch for Sawamura.  They've done a very good job of making me want to see those two as a battery.  I can't wait to see them facing off against Inashiro someday.  Oh, and for anyone curious, I watched about half of the first episode of the new Shokugeki no Soma season and promptly realized I had zero interest in the series anymore.  I think the atrocious final arc of the manga killed it for me.  Oh well.

Before I get into fanfic stuff, about a month ago now, MegaPhilX did a video showing how to animate Shampoo, complete with Shampoo herself hosting it.  Her Japanese voice-acted lines were translated into English, which I then "Shampoo-ized", making them sound more like how she would have spoken in the English dub, and that became the subtitles for the video.  It's a cool project that he put some serious time into, and the voice actress for Shampoo was very convincing, so go check it out HERE, or just watch it below if you're interested:

Now then, onto fanfic news.  Yesterday, I finally finished the planning for the Ranma one-shot I've been working on, but it was a major struggle.  I actually figured out the last bits and pieces I needed for it in mid-to-late October, but then I got sick like immediately after and got nothing done for the next three weeks as I wanted nothing more than to sleep all the time.  Then even after I started feeling better, I just could not find my excitement to work on this thing, and, honestly, I still can't.  I at least wanted to get the planning for it done, and I did manage to push through and do that, so that's something.

But even though the planning is done for the one-shot and it's ready to be written, I'm not sure I'm going to write it right now.  In fact, I'm heavily leaning against it at this point.  It's an autumn-themed story that I wanted to have done in October or November at the latest, and it's already December.  I know there's technically still three weeks of autumn left, but it already feels like winter to me and the spirit of the season is gone.

I also really think it's just too early for me to be writing Ranma 1/2 stuff again.  Back when I finished "A Midsummer Night's Beauty" I thought to myself, I'm not working on Ranma stuff again for at least a year.  I'd been working solely on that story for five years straight and I wanted to do something different.  Then I got pulled back in and tried doing this, but I can kind of tell I'm just not there yet.  So yeah, I'm sorry to anyone who was looking forward to this story, but it's probably just not in the cards right now.  The good news is that it is all planned out and ready to be written whenever I feel the urge to do so.  I've got four notebook pages filled front and back with my very detailed outline for it, ready to go, so it'll be quick and easy to write when the time comes.  The time is just most likely not right now, unfortunately.  Trying to write something when your heart isn't in it feels like a disservice to the story itself and everyone who reads it.

So, what do I do now?  That's the question.  I mentioned wanting to do something different, and that's really where my thought process is right now.  I at least want to work with a world and characters I haven't worked with before, like when I did those one-shots for Kill la Kill and Log Horizon and Yuruyuri and Tenchi Muyo.  Maybe even try some different type of story, like when I did a Choose Your Own Adventure thing a few years back.  If I wanted to get really ambitious, I've played some very fun text adventure games in recent years and have occasionally wondered what I could do if I made my own.  I just need something new and different, something that EXCITES me and inspires me and challenges me and that I can't wait to work on.  And it's my job to find that something.

And that's what I'm going to do.  Once I find my something, I'll be back to talk about it, or, depending on what it is, maybe I'll already have it done.  We'll have to see.  If I'm not back again in 2019, have a wonderful holiday season and new year.  For now, thanks for reading, as always.  'Til next time.